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Master Flash

Master Flash® pipe flashings for solar industry

Our offer includes a number of products that are specially designed for the solar and electric industry.

The pitch canal of Master Flash Solar allows for maximum flexibility, easily accommodating up to a 60º degree pitch without affecting performance. Master Flash Solar Multi-Port MR is  a simple solution designed for ceramic tile roofs. Four ports for cables or wires per flashing accommodate copper pipe and electrical wiring.  Master Flash® Multi-Port can be used as both a Standard flashing or a Retrofit flashing. The no-hassle stainless steel gripper is included. Cut lines clearly marked to allow for easy installation for multiple pipe sizes. The Master Flash® Multi-Port has been designed for bitumen and ceramic roofs, which comes with The soft safe lead or an aluminum base is designed to form easily to clay tile roofs regardless of pipe location.

The flexible aluminum Base is designed to mold to most panel configurations regardless of pipe location. Available in black EPDM Rubber or High Temp Red Silicone which are both resistant to ultraviolet rays, cracking & weathering.